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I was born in Cali, Colombia, where I received my bachelor degree in Graphic Design in 2004 from Departmental Institute of Fine Arts. Starting at a young age, I was delighted by art and therefore, made it a very important part of my career.

I have always admired Chagall, Klee and Picasso and the way these artists use color and geometric shapes. You will see they are an inspiration for some of my creations.

My knowledge in art started when I was a little girl as I grew up spending summers in a jewelry studio. Not any jewelry studio, but one very close to my heart, my family’s. I come from a family of jewelers, my father and brother are jewelry designers and I joined them in that process as a teenager learning about techniques, materials and gemology. 

I then became a jewelry designer for the family business and continued expanding as I moved to the United States.

In 2005, I got married and moved to New York.  Up until 2007, I was only designing for friends and customers in Colombia.

In 2013, with a new baby at home, I decided to start my own business and get back to my passion and created my jewelry
line Denisse Aneke Jewelry. 


Since then, I have devoted my career to exploring more materials and techniques. Now my work is shown and sold in fine craft shows, crafts and art galleries in New York City and Colombia. 


My Latin roots, have influenced my jewelry as it is characterized by the use of color, texture and remarkable details.  Each one of my jewelry pieces seek to inspire something more than visual pleasure, they want to arouse emotions, feelings, curiosity and admiration and because of this I pay attention to the smallest details on every piece.


Denisse Aneke Jewelry tells a story or anecdote and shows my feelings and emotions at the time of its creation.  

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